Jonas Pranckietis

Dentist odontologist
“For me, interacting with patients reminds me of fellow travellers I have met on my travels. First, I try to listen to expectations, and then the communication takes place naturally. I really appreciate the moments when I understand my patient intuitively, when I feel their trust in me.”

About the doctor

Treatment procedures carried out:

  • teeth straightening with aligners,
  • therapeutic treatment: fillings, aesthetic fillings

Work experience: has worked since 2016


  • In 2016, graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Master’s degree in Dentistry


Treatment procedures carried out:

Qualification upgrade(s)

Invisalign SC Clinical Topic: Growing patients treatment – Mandibular Advancement feature. ( Dr.Katja Arko)
Aligner treatment planning: from often forgotten basics to advanced orthodontic cases (Dr.Claudia Pinter)
Ordoline Global Sympozium. Tooth movement predictability in aligner therapy: increasing treatment accuracy. (Prof.Nicola Derton, Dr.Julia Haubrich, Prof.Vincenzo D’Anto, Dr.Robertas Kirlys, Prof. Gundega Jakobsone, Dr.Jurga Liautukiene, Dr.Nicoletta Bruno)
Advanced Teeth Straightening with Aligner-Based Treatment Protocols (Prof. Vincenzo D’Anto)
2nd TPAO Congress. Treatment planning in aligner orthodontics
Biomimetic Principle in Adhesive Restorative Dentistry (Jotautas Kaktys)
Ordoline Live Symposium. Expand the range of your treatment with aligners. ( Dr.Vincenzo D‘Anto, Julia Haubrich, Werner Schupp, Robertas Kirlys, Andrius Pocevičius, Jurga Liautukienė)
GET Orthodontic School, 3nd Module. ( Dr.Christian Samoila, Dr. Elia Diana Boangar)
How to manage difficult cases? (Turi Bassarelli)
Airnivol training course. Advanced ( Dr. Vincenzo D‘Anto)
Airnivol training and certification course (Dr. Vincenzo D‘Anto)
The ABC of Bite Lifting and Stabilisation: Dental Prosthetics (Dr Adomas Auškalnis, Raimundas Bagdonas)
Restoring Tooth Height and Anatomy Prior to Orthodontic Treatment Without Waxing Up Tooth (Loreta Noreikaite)
Dental fillings (for advanced and ambitious beginners) (Dr Adomas Auškalnis)
The basics of implant prosthetics (medical doctor Eglė Vindašiūtė-Narbutė)