Modesta Domeikaitė

In my work, I try to make sure that every patient understands not only the course of treatment, but also the causes of the disease, because not only high-quality treatment, but most importantly, disease prevention is the way to a healthy smile.

Procedures performed:

  • conservative and surgical periodontological treatment – curettage, patch operations, directional tissue regeneration,
  • clinical crown lengthening in the aesthetic and lateral teeth area,
  • covering recessions,
  • creation of fixed gums,
  • smile line correction,
  • treatment of peri-implantitis,
  • removal of erupted teeth,
  • lip and tongue tie surgery.

Work experience since 2018.


In 2018 acquired medical dentist qualification at Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Dentistry (master’s degree)

In 2021 Completed residency at Vilnius University, obtained medical degree. qualification of a periodontist

Memberships: Member of the Chamber of Dentists, member of the Lithuanian Society of Periodontists