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Cosmetic filling

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Cosmetic filling is recommended for patients who do not like the size, shape or colour of their teeth. After cosmetic filling, the teeth look nice and natural, and the anatomy of the tooth and bite is preserved.

In other words, this is a fairly quick way to solve the following problems while protecting the existing tooth as much as possible:

  • Chipped tooth (for example, after an accident)
  • Tooth-to-tooth wear
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Teeth that are too small, affecting the bite
  • Old or poor-quality fillings that are not aesthetically pleasing.


Our clinic offers cosmetic filling for anterior teeth and molars.

After cosmetic filling, the colour or shape can be adjusted a bit later.

Once you have cosmetic filling, we recommend re-polishing the filled teeth every year. Immediately after the procedure, you should avoid foods and beverages that can stain. If your teeth were worn-down, chipped or bonded for any other reason, you should refrain from biting into hard foods, and you should be mindful with oral hygiene, avoiding hard toothbrushes and whitening toothpastes.


Service prices

Price, Eur
Partial tooth restoration
130 eur
Molar crown restoration
150 eur
Aesthetic anterior crown restoration
270 eur
Partial cosmetic filling
165 eur


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