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Dental fillings

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Cavity filling is the most common dental procedure.

If you notice dark or light spots or obvious holes on your teeth, either on the smooth surface or on the rough chewing surface of the tooth, or if the root of a tooth has gotten darker, you probably have a cavity and will need a filling. Other signs that you may have tooth damage are tooth sensitivity triggered by hot or cold drinks or food, or pain when eating sweets.

The most common causes of cavities are improper oral hygiene, plaque, and weakened tooth enamel due to consuming sweet foods or carbonated drinks.

In this case, the sooner you start treating the tooth, the easier it will be to remove and fill the cavity.

Usually the dentist begins by examining the tooth, and then removes the damaged tooth tissue. Anaesthesia can be used if necessary. Then the dentist forms and preps the hole, finally filling it with a filling that matches your natural tooth shade. If necessary, the filling is ground down a bit and polished so that chewing is comfortable and the tooth looks natural.

Eating is not recommended for at least one hour after the procedure. Also keep in mind that the tooth or gums may be slightly sensitive for a few days as well.


Service prices

Price, Eur
30 eur
Consultation with treatment planning
40 eur
Small filling
89 eur
Medium filling
105 eur
Large filling
130 eur
Temporary filling
20 eur
Application of biodentine
40 eur
Icon application – small
85 eur
Icon application – medium
95 eur
Icon application – large
110 eur


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