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Dental veneers

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Dental veneers are thin ceramic shells that are attached to the surface of the tooth.

Dental veneers are thin ceramic shells that are attached to the surface of the tooth.

Veneers are designed to address the following problems:

  • Gaps between teeth;
  • Broken or cracked tooth;
  • Discoloured teeth, tooth stains;
  • Worn-down teeth;
  • Teeth that are too small;
  • A strangely shaped tooth or multiple teeth.

Veneers are custom-made for each tooth, and their shades are selected individually. Veneers are not only used for aesthetic reasons – they also protect the tooth underneath from further enamel erosion and wear. Drinking pigmented drinks like coffee or red wine will not change the colour of the veneers.

It is important to remember that veneers can only be fitted on teeth without cavities and with healthy dental canals and gums, after professional oral hygiene.

Fitting teeth with veneers is done as follows. First, the dentists assess the condition of the teeth, and an X-ray is taken to make sure that the teeth that will be fitted with veneers are healthy. Then the teeth are roughened up a bit and dental impressions are made. The dental technicians use these impressions to produce the veneers, which takes 1-2 weeks. In the meantime, the dentist will fit you with temporary veneers.  Finally, the real veneers made in the laboratory are affixed to the teeth using a special dental bonding cement.

After having your teeth fitted with veneers, you should continue with your usual oral hygiene, i.e. brushing and flossing, and coming in to have your teeth cleaned at least every six months.

Service prices

Price, Eur
Emax veneer
520 eur


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