Endodontics – root canal treatment

At our clinic, endodontic treatment is performed with the help of modern technologies, including a Zeiss microscope that we use for all root canal treatment.

Excruciating toothaches (especially at night) can be caused by inflammation in the soft part of the tooth root (the pulp). In this case, cleaning the root canal, treating the infection, and filling it is the only way to save the tooth.

The inflammation is caused by microorganisms that can enter the root canal through the upper part of the tooth (the crown) that has been damaged by a cavity or trauma, through cracked tooth enamel, or due to gum disease.

Before performing root canal treatment, an X-ray has to be taken to see the extent of the infection in the root canal. After the X-ray, sometimes it turns out that the tooth canal has already been treated, but if there are signs of infection, it must be refilled.

The tooth root canal is then cleaned, disinfected and filled, either immediately or during a second procedure after the temporary filling, depending on how much the microorganisms that entered the soft dental tissues damaged them.

This procedure is performed in our clinic with local anaesthesia or, in some cases – general sedation; the patient feels completely comfortable during and after the procedure.

How long a tooth with a treated root canal will last depends primarily on the patient’s oral hygiene and general health status.

Steps in root canal treatment:

  • Exam
  • X-ray
  • Root canal cleaning
  • Root canal temporary filling (if necessary)
  • Root canal filling


Service prices

Price, Eur
Endodontic consultation
30 eur
Endodontic treatment – one canal
170 eur
Canal formation
90 eur
Canal filling
70 eur
Calcium therapy
60 eur
Removal of foreign objects from the root canal
60 - 125 eur
Removal of fractured implant screw
180 eur


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