An oral surgeon is usually needed when it is no longer possible to save a natural tooth, when a defective tooth needs to be removed, when a wisdom tooth or other tooth needs to be extracted, when unerupted or impacted teeth need to be removed, or when root extraction is necessary. An oral surgeon can also help deal with acute dental problems such as removing an abscess near the root of a tooth (a procedure called root resection). Another important area of oral surgery is dental implantation and preparation for dental implants (jaw regeneration/augmentation, sinus floor augmentation).

Oral surgery is used to correct the soft tissues in the mouth or remove inflammation. This may involve labial frenectomy, lingual frenectomy, gum grafting, surgical treatment of periodontitis, root resection, cyst removal, and other operations on the oral mucosa.

If you are dealing with any of these problems, you should consult an oral surgeon. It is precisely an oral surgeon who will best evaluate the anatomy of your jaw and teeth, diagnose the problem, choose the optimal treatment method, and then perform the procedure.

At Era Esthetic Dental, we offer the following oral surgery procedures:

  • Removal of teeth at all levels of complexity (unerupted teeth, impacted teeth, wisdom teeth)
  • Baby tooth extraction
  • Dental implantation (immediate implants and delayed implants)
  • Full mouth reconstruction with dental implants;
  • Mini dental implants
  • Bone augmentation (regeneration)
  • Sinus floor augmentation
  • Dental and jaw cyst removal
  • Apical resection (tooth abscess removal)
  • Root amputation
  • Labial and lingual frenectomy
  • Other minor surgery of the oral cavity.

Regardless of the procedure, we always make sure that the patient is completely comfortable, using anaesthesia as needed. After surgical intervention, the dental surgeon or maxillofacial surgeon may prescribe drugs to reduce pain and inflammation, and if there is swelling, they will recommend applying an ice pack or cold compress to the affected area, but for no longer than 20 minutes at a time, with 15-minute breaks.

After the procedure, please follow the recommendations given to you by the dental surgeon. First of all, rinse your mouth with antiseptic mouthwash and be careful not to hurt the area while brushing your teeth. We recommend that patients avoid physical exertion for a few days after a surgical procedure; they should also refrain from smoking for at least 48 hours and avoid hard or crunchy foods and hot food and drinks.


Service prices

Price, Eur
Oral surgery consultation
30 eur
Emergency assistance
30 eur
Dressing/suture removal after a procedure performed at our clinic
0 eur
Dressing/suture removal after a procedure performed at another clinic
25 eur
Supplement for treatment with sedation
100 eur
Loose/periodontal tooth extraction
50 eur
Baby tooth extraction
25 - 50 eur
Complex baby tooth extraction
90 eur
Simple tooth extraction
90 eur
Complex tooth extraction
120 eur
Erupted wisdom tooth extraction
100 eur
Impacted (stuck) tooth extraction when the tooth is vertical, fully/partially under the gum
140 - 220 eur
Apical resection (tooth abscess removal)
150 eur
Diagnostic flap surgery
150 eur
Surgery for orthodontic treatment
150 eur
Lingual frenectomy
70 eur
Labial frenectomy
70 eur
PRF dressing for wound healing
40 eur
Medentika implant
600 eur
Straumann SLA implant
700 eur
Straumann SLActive implant
800 eur
Closed sinus floor augmentation (sinus lift)
300 eur
Open sinus floor augmentation (sinus lift)
800 eur


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