About the clinic

Our values

Clinics belonging to the Era Esthetic family of companies, both for dermatology and dentistry, choose the most modern treatment equipment and quality medical devices, and bring together a team of doctors who have accomplished a lot in their respective fields and are able to offer modern and reliable treatment methods. We carefully delve into each patient’s problems and adhere to the highest standards of interaction with patients.

Work principles

Era Esthetic Dental Clinic provides full dental treatment services, and complex patient problems are handled by several doctors from different fields. We are ready to solve all of your dental problems under one roof.

A clear treatment plan is drawn up for each patient, and we provide advice on what to do before and after the procedures. 

We understand that dental treatment can be stressful for some patients.

We allocate a lot of attention to preventive dental and oral healthcare.

Our goals

We want you to smile more often. Even when you’re coming into or leaving the dentist’s office.