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Prosthetic restoration

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Dental prostheses make it possible for you to have all of your teeth with restored chewing function and aesthetics after any tooth loss.  Read about why it is important to restore lost teeth here.

How do you restore a lost tooth or teeth, or part of a tooth? Which is better – an implant-supported fixed dental prosthesis, dentures, a partial denture, removable or fixed dentures, a crown or a bridge? What will the dental prostheses be made of: glass ceramics or zirconia? What is the general condition of the teeth and jaws, are the adjacent teeth healthy, and what is the patient’s age and health condition? These are just some of the questions that the dentist will answer for you in each case when choosing the method of prosthetic restoration. A detailed treatment plan is always drawn up before prosthetic restoration.

Probably the most popular method of prosthetic restoration at the moment is milled zirconia, due to its excellent aesthetic appearance, strength, functionality and price-quality ratio.

Our clinic offers all of the procedures needed for prosthetic restoration.

Prosthetic restoration is perhaps the most extensive area of dentistry, involving specialists from several fields – a dental surgeon, a dental technician and a clinical dental technologist – so a successful outcome depends on the joint work of this team.

Professional teeth cleaning and an X-ray are required before starting prosthetic restoration.


Service prices

Price, Eur
Zirconia crown
480 eur
Monolithic zirconia crown
390 eur
Emax crown
460 eur
Glass ceramic crown
620 eur
Temporary plastic crown
75 eur
Monolithic zirconia crown on implant
580 eur
Zirconia crown on implant
740 eur


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